A Powerful Extension to Capistrano.

Extended functionality

Beside all the great functionalities Capistrano provides out of the box, dkdeploy gives you

  • Granular file permissions
  • an extended Rollback Manager
  • a Maintenance page during deployment
  • a Copy strategy like on Capistrano 2.x
  • Bower Integration
... and many more great features.

Perfect for Continous Deployment

We are using dkdeploy on our Jenkins Server for hundreds of customer and internal projects. We are deploying a wide range of publications ranging from large PHP-Applications such as Phabricator and TYPO3 to custom Rails Apps, Static Websites and even Go-Applications like Mattermost. With dkdeploy we are able to a simplify our deployment process make life easier for developers and customers.

PHP Ready!

PHP is a first-class citizen for dkdeploy.
It supports composer, database migrations with Doctrine and clearing the OPCache during deployment. Also, it comes with built-in support for TYPO3 the Open-Source CMS ...