Add stage specific configuration to htaccess file.


You can add a stage specific htaccess file in /config/etc/apache2/conf.

If there is already a .htaccess file within the webroot than the content of this file will be appended to it. If no .htaccess file exists it will be created.

By default dkdeploy will assume the :copy_source path as the destination for the .htaccess file. You can overwrite this by setting the variable :local_web_root_path in your Capistrano configuration.

set :local_web_root_path, "my_web_root_path"
If you call the task without having configured the variable :local_web_root_path then the CLI will ask for it.


$ cap dev apache:htaccess

This will generate a .htaccess file within your local_webroot (usually htdocs).

<FilesMatch 'index.php'>
  Allow from all
<Files 'favicon.ico'>
   Deny from all

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