Dkdeploy uses by default it’s own copy strategy and overwrites the :scm constant (with :copy). The tasks in this namespace are wrappers around the copy_strategy. If you want to change the :scm strategy, for example to :git, you could customize that for your project. In that case these tasks are irrelevant.


Checks if the local source directory ( set in the :copy_source variable ) exists. Raises a fatal exception if the directory does not exist. Otherwise no message is shown.


Copies the source file structure to the server excluding the not wanted elements. Usage with

$ cap dev copy:create_release


  • tar needs to be installed on both machines.
  • SSH config that enables SSH connection to the server.


Example output

00:00 copy:create_release
      Generating the tar archive.
      01 tar -X /var/folders/jv/hx47v28x4d9531nsrfm40fm00000gp/T/d20160610-8620-5fg78w/exclude.txt -cpzf /var/folders/jv/hx47v28x4d9531nsrfm40fm00000gp/T/d20160610-8620-5fg78w/test_app_20160610-8620-14wmv1u.tar.gz .
    ✔ 01 vagrant@project.example 0.010s
      Uploading archive to /tmp/test_app.
      02 mkdir -p /tmp/test_app
    ✔ 02 vagrant@project.example 0.305s
      Uploading /var/folders/jv/hx47v28x4d9531nsrfm40fm00000gp/T/d20160610-8620-5fg78w/test_app_20160610-8620-14wmv1u.tar.gz 100.0%
      Creating directory /var/www/your-domain/current/.
      03 mkdir -p /var/www/your-domain/current/
    ✔ 03 vagrant@project.example 0.006s
      Extracting archive to /var/www/your-domain/current/.
      04 tar -xpzf /tmp/test_app/test_app_20160610-8620-14wmv1u.tar.gz
    ✔ 04 vagrant@project.example 0.006s
      Removing /var/folders/jv/hx47v28x4d9531nsrfm40fm00000gp/T/d20160610-8620-5fg78w.
      05 rm -rf /var/folders/jv/hx47v28x4d9531nsrfm40fm00000gp/T/d20160610-8620-5fg78w
    ✔ 05 vagrant@project.example 0.004s
      Removing /tmp/test_app/test_app_20160610-8620-14wmv1u.tar.gz.
      06 rm -f /tmp/test_app/test_app_20160610-8620-14wmv1u.tar.gz
    ✔ 06 vagrant@project.example 0.004s


Sets the current revision that will be deployed and returns the current revision message but does not print this message itself.

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